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Miniature Kits Handmade by Diane Paone

Jester Toy Kits - 10 Designs

This is the first kit I have ever designed and offered. My newest kit designs are now available; the pastel colored, Spring/Baby/Mother's Day/Easter Jester Toy Kit and the Scary Skeleton Jester Toy Kit in a vintage Halloween design, below. Both kits have pre-painted faces, you put it together in about 30-60 minutes. Measures about 1" wide x 2" long (1:12 scale) Complete, detailed and illustrated instructions. Happy creating! $12.00 each.

Color Selection
Dollhouse Miniature kit

Scary Skeleton Miniature Halloween Jester Kit Scary Skeleton Toy Kit

The newest kit creation - A scary skeleton jester for Halloween! Inspired by old vintage Halloween art. His head is 3/8" inch, slightly larger than the other jesters offered above. $15.00 each.


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